Who are we ?

Based in Melbourne, Booth Mobil provides endless hours of entertainment for you and your guests with our open style photo booth.

Based in Melbourne, we offer endless hours of entertainment for you and your guests. With our open style photo booth, all your worries about taking the pictures from the right angle at the right moment will fade.

We take the responsibility to capture every moment in your event, so all your attention will be focused on enjoying your time with your guests.

We personally love looking back at photos. For us, photos are time-machines. Each one enables you to look back at a part from the past and live the moment all over again.

Hence, we got the idea of starting our own photo booth business from our own fun experiences with photo booths.

Each experience has its own singularity, and this is something we strongly cherish at Booth Mobil. This is why our services are mainly focused on highlighting even the smallest details that made your event so special, for those are the ones that make all the difference.

We deliver our open photo booth to events all across Melbourne, our open style booth service runs smoothly, so you can have pictures of the highest quality, taken at the perfect moment!

With our unmatched prices and high-end service, you will definitely struggle to find a photo booth rental as awesome as Booth Mobil.

At Booth Mobil, we take pride in our service, and our customers trust us with their most important events.

Become one of them and book your session today!

Where do we service ?

We travel all around Melbourne ! From the East to the West, North to South, if your postcode starts with a 3 then you can count on me (us) !

Our packages are based on locations within 20km of the Melbourne CBD. For places that may take us a little longer to travel too, we’ll need to make sure we have a bit more gas money for our friendly staff. Inquire today and get a free quote from us !