The Provider - Booth Mobil

The Customer - The party booking Booth Mobil

The following contract and its terms will set forth an agreement between ‘the provider’ and ‘the customer’ for the hire of the photo booth

This written contract sets forth the full, written intention of both parties and supersedes all other written and/or oral agreements between the parties.

1. Service period

1.1. The service period is the rental hours requested plus the setting up (1 hour) and disassembling (1 hour) of the photo booth. E.g. Rental period of 4 hours will have a service period of 6 hours.

1.2 The quote provided by Booth Mobil will include the set up and disassembling of the photo booth.

1.3. During the rental period, Booth Mobil agrees to have the service operational, but may need to be stop the photo booth for maintenance. The cost of the rental period will not be decreased and the time will not be extended unless agreed otherwise.

1.4. If the Customer requests for an extension of photo booth hire time, this can only occur if Booth Mobil attendant approves prior or during the service.

1.5. If the rental time period exceeds the service period agreed to in this contract at the request of the Customer, the excess in rental time will be billed to the Customer at the hourly rate of $200 per additional hour.

1.6. A Customer wanting to end the service earlier than the agreed time will not receive refund/deductions from their full payment.

2. Cancellation, Reservation fee and Booking

2.1. A non-refundable reservation fee in the amount of $200 is due upon signing of this contract. Until a deposit is received, the date cannot be confirmed. The remaining full balance is due 10 days prior to the beginning of Customer’s Event.

2.2. The Provider is not obliged to hire or operate the photo booth and associated services if full payment has not been received.

2.3. Any requests to alter the agreed date of the Photo Booth hire must be made 14 days prior by contacting Booth Mobil directly via their mobile phone or email. These changes will only be approved depending on the availability of the Photo booth service. Any cancellation of the booking made by the Customer, the deposit will not be refunded.

2.4. The Provider may cancel the booking at any time without being responsible for loss, provided that the Provider must, in such case, refund in reasonable time any booking fee, deposit or hiring fee already paid by the Customer.

2.5. Any changes to the agreed date/time is subject to a new written agreement.

2.6. A travel surcharge may apply to events outside of the Melbourne metropolitan area or within the Melbourne CBD. Certain dates may be subject to an additional Surcharge. Should additional charges apply, the customer will be advised prior to contract agreement.

3. Access and conditions to designated area and electrical supply

3.1. The venue of the event must be accessible for the photo booth service. Appropriate space with a floor area of 3m x3m is required, the Customer will arrange a 240v electrical power outlet within 5m of the desired booth location.

3.2. If photo booth is to be used in an outdoor setting, prior arrangements must be made with the Provider. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the photo booth is under protective covering and on level concrete-like ground surface. In the event, the Customer can't or does not provide appropriate cover, photo booth services will end if inclement weather occurs. In the event that services end early due to inclement weather during an outdoor event, the Customer will not receive a refund in part or in full.

4. Damages to provider’s equipment

4.1. The Customer assumes complete responsibility for any loss or damages to the Provider’s equipment (other than fair wear and tear) caused by any misuse of the equipment by the customer, their employees or their guests. The Customer will be responsible for any loss of or damage to the Provider’s equipment caused by Theft, Fire, Flood or Accidental Damage.

5. Indemnification

The Customer agrees to, and understands the following:

5.1. The Customer will indemnify the Provider against any and all liability related to the Customer’s Event and use of the Provider’s equipment.

5.2. The Customer will indemnify the Provider against any and all liability associated with the use of any pictures taken at the Customer’s event by the Photo Booth or by its operatives, employees or affiliates.

5.3. The Provider accepts no responsibility for any injury to persons during photo booth use

6. Use of photo booth images

The Customer agrees to, and understands the following:

6.1. Client is to inform guests that all photographs are saved and all rights are owned by Booth Mobil Photo booth. Some photos may be used for marketing and promotional opportunities. Being photographed in the booth is considered agreement to these terms.

6.2. In addition the customer, hereby releases, discharges and agrees to maintain Booth Mobil free from any liability arising out of the taking of said picture or any subsequent processing or publication thereof including, without limitation, any claims for libel or invasion of privacy.

7. Miscellaneous terms

7.1. This is the entire agreement between the Provider and the customer relating to the subject matter herein and shall not be modified except as agreed in writing by both parties.

7.2. In the unlikely event that it is not possible, other than for reasons beyond the Provider’s control, to provide an operational Photo Booth for at least 50% of the agreed service period, the Provider shall make a refund to the Customer calculated pro rata from the total charge made for the agreed service period.

7.3. Where the rental includes a photographic printer and for any reason printed photographs cannot be provided on site at the time of the event, the Provider will place the photographs on Booth Mobil's facebook page ( which the Customer and their guests can download a soft copy of their photos.

7.4. If no photo booth service is received, the Provider’s maximum liability will be the return of all payments received from the Customer. The Provider is not responsible for any consequential damages or lost opportunities upon breach of this agreement.

7.5. The consumption of food and any form of beverages alcoholic or non-alcoholic are strictly prohibited inside the photo booth and on the prop table.

7.6. Booth Mobil reserves the right to exclude persons from the Photo booth who they consider to be grossly intoxicated, or is acting in a manner that may damage the photo booth.

7.7. Booth Mobil reserves the right to withhold or remove all or certain props from use if the attendant considers they are being damaged, mistreated or continually removed from the Photo booth area.