5 Types of Themed Parties

What can be more fun than parties? Yes, themed parties. Are you looking out the idea to host one? Here we present you with five types of themed parties that will be fun and super exciting.

1. Gatsby Party

This theme features a 1920s lifestyle. It includes flapper dresses, glamorous settings, champagne towers, and over the top arrangements. You can also choose the decorations to suit your theme. Plan ahead of time to make sure everything is taken care of.

2. 90s Themed Party

It's time for some retro look and feel. Take out those old CDs and games that have been locked up. You can use them to add to your decoration. Your decor should take your guests to the 90s world. You can also use some fun props to get the feels of the party.

3. Cops and Robbers Theme Party

This theme calls for some serious work. You can make a mini jail to suit the theme. If any of your guests misbehave, you can put them in it. Just kidding. Anyways, you can set up a police lineup photo booth where your guests can click pictures. Purchase handcuffs, police suits, robbers suits and you can have a serious blast.

4. Black and White Theme Party

Black and White do not ever go out of fashion. You can never go wrong with this theme. You can set up your place using black and white colors. A unique thing you can do is make food matching your theme. You can opt for cupcakes or any meal of your choice. Place black and white balloons all over. Psst: You can also have a black and white music playlist like "Men in Black" by Will Smith or "White Wedding" by Billy Idol.

5. Frat Party

This theme can super fun where you can choose what kind of frat party do you want. You can have a slumber party and invite your guests in their cutest pajamas, or you can have a 'You are what you eat' theme where you ask your guests to dress up in their favorite food. You can have a 'Derby  Days' where you ask your guests, to find the most ridiculous and biggest hats they own. What about 'Under the Sea' theme? It will be fun to see your guests in sea creature costumes.

I hope these themes would have helped you pick the one you want. Tell us which one did you like.

David Le