5 Ways To Make a Party Memorable

After slogging ourselves at work, we all look forward to our parties at weekends. Definitely a great way to unwind and relax. So how can you make a party memorable? How can you spice up things? Here are some tips and tricks to put up a fantastic party that your guests will rave about for a very long time.

1. Play excellent music

What's the feel to walk into a party and sense silence? Awkward. The right kind of music always sets the mood and vibe. Now there are a lot of music apps that you can download and play the music that kick starts your party. Don't set it too loud or too low that may irritate your guests.

2. Set a theme

What can be a better way to plan a party than setting an idea for it? Themes make a party more fun and exciting. Decide the subject by asking your friends about what they expect. This will give you an idea, and you can arrange accordingly. Also, it gives your guests a chance to discuss within themselves what they need to wear to match the theme.

3. Plan some fun activities and games

Every party has good food, good music and that's it. Think out of the box and arrange some fun activities for your friends that they will remember for long. Plan something different than usual parties. You can arrange a photo booth place by keeping some fun hats or spectacles. Or you can set up an outdoor movie experience.

4. Plan an easy yet delicious menu

We all love to gorge, who doesn't? Prep a list that's fast and easy. You may not want to spend your entire time prepping the meal, while the guests spend time by themselves. Keep one or two appetizers with a simple main course. Quantity doesn't matter; the taste does.

5. Decorate! Decorate! Decorate!

Everyone looks out for Instagram worthy pictures. Decorate your place in a way that seems inviting. Adding party decor will make your guests feel special. You can have "Welcome to the Party!" sign with balloons surrounding it. You can add different lights in the main room which will add a festive atmosphere to it. Also, you can decorate the food table with candles or small lamps. They look pleasant and add charm to the party.

Make sure to add these tips into your party and see it turn into a crazy yet memorable one.

David Le