Types of people in a Photo Booth

We can see all kinds of people in a photo booth. From being confident to the unsure ones, from the naughty kids to the high adults. Let's see the types of people in a photo booth.

1. The unsure ones

These kinds at usually the older lot who haven't used a photo booth before. They religiously stand in the queue waiting for their turn, moving ahead in line and formally clicking the picture. They follow the rules to the 'T.'

2. The usuals

These are the usuals at a photo booth. The exactly know what to do, how to do and where to do it. They use all the given props and strike the perfect pose for their pictures. They know how it's done, and they flaunt it effortlessly.

3. The 'Lovely-Dovey' Couple

These are the ones that can't keep their hands off each other. They drag their partner to the photo booth at regular intervals and strike romantic poses and surprising kisses. That's what you pay for love.

4. Girl Power

All these women deck themselves up and click no pictures? That's next to impossible. These are the gorgeous girl gangs armed with beautiful costumes. They get into a photo booth and pose in style. They know they look good. Then why not click pictures and add to the list of memories.

5. The Bad Boy Gang

No offense to boys out there. That's just a stupid title. You guys are great. So these are the ones all buckled and in the suit. They walk over a photo booth in attitude. They strut in, strike the most ever perfect pose and return in style. The dappers have a swag of their own.

6. The Shy Party

These are always shy to face a camera yet don't want to leave a chance to get a picture clicked in a photo booth. They look straight into the camera and smile only to return soon.

7. Group Photo

Usually, a photo booth can hold up to 8 people. But some gangs are hellbent on getting 20 people in the same frame by squeezing and adjusting. But isn't that fun? Let's challenge the power of a photo booth and get as many people in a single picture.

So which type do you belong to? Share with the world which ones did you like and if you could relate to this.

David Le