Favourite Poses in a Photo Booth

Your waiting in the photo booth line, wondering, ‘what kind of pose should I do when i get in?’. Don’t worry fam, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of our favourite poses that you have to try at the next party !

1. Pouting

Here is the most famous pose of all time. I'm sure all of you have tons of pictures pouting and clicking selfies in. But the sad part is you can't pose much since the phone can't capture the entire frame. Here in photo booths, you can pout and place those hands on your hips and have more scope for some style and attitude.

2. Kiss on the Cheek

This isn't restricted to only couples, but all. In the case of a couple, you can have one person kissing the other on the cheeks while the latter makes a funny expression. In the case of a group of friends, you can kiss the next person and form a chain. The person getting kissed may make weird expressions to make it more fun.

3. Dance Moves

Photo Booths allow you to take full-body pictures which gives us more opportunity to strike a variety of poses. You can enact a scene from a song and stop at a part to capture your favorite dance move.

4. Props

The funny spectacles, weird mustache, wigs, all can be added to strike a memorable pose. The correct use of the accessories will give you the perfect picture. Make sure to coordinate your facial expressions according to the attachment you use to add more effect.

5. Famous Poses

You can recreate famous poses from the movies, television or history to pose for your picture. They make for some outstanding images. Maybe try the Usain Bolt pose, or have two hands on your cheek like the kid in Home Alone?

6. Face off Pose

The Face-off pose is where two people make angry facial expressions for the photo. The funnier the feeling, the better will the picture be. You can turn your backs to each other and creates these whacky facial reactions.

7. Photo Bomb

Why not try photobombing? You can work this with a couple or a group of friends where you show up out of nowhere. Match them with proper expression to get that funny look.

These are some of the poses that you should try the next time to visit a photo booth. Pictures are for life, make them memorable.

DrinksDavid Le