Why you need to have a photobooth at your next event!

 Photo Booths are a cool thing. You can be just yourself in a photo booth. Act crazy, get a weird pose, funny expression, what can be more fun? Capturing these moments will be cherished for a lifetime. People love experiencing something different that they haven't done yet. How amazing can it be to have a photo booth at your next event? Not convinced? Let me tell you why you need one at your next event.

1. Entertainment factor

We all love some entertainment. When you see your guests queuing up for the photo booth and returning with a big smile on their faces, there's where you know that you won. Everybody will love the new addition. It will also be something unique for them to experience at an event. Also, it can be useful for people to gather and socialize.

2. Suitable for all ages

Photo booths can be used by people of all ages. From kids to adults to grandparents. All can dive into a photo booth and take awesome pictures. What more do you need when one thing keeps everyone happy? Grandparents can walk into one with their grandkids and take snaps which will always be memorable.  It will be fun for everyone out there.

3. Talking point

You would ever want your event to be the talk of the town. You would want people raving about it weeks after the fact. A photo booth place can give you just that. "I have pictures taken from the photo booth in my purse. I always like looking at them from time to time. Small pieces of memories, isn't it?" How nice is it to hear this.

4. Forever lasting memories

Why do we take photos? It’s so that we have something to look back on later down the track. A photo booth is perfect to capture those candid moments when everyone is having fun. Want to make an even better lasting impression? Try getting a guest book and have the guest leave you a message with the booth photo for you to read after the event!

5. Professional Quality Photos

Put your phones away. No need for selfies because the photo booth has got you covered! Great quality photos on a strip in an instant. What more could you ask for? A digital copy ? That’s easy, with a photobooth all digital copies are sent to you after every event. Save the files and upload them to your social media and get those likes!

So tell us, what are you waiting for ? Book us in for your next event before its too late!

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